Forthcoming features

While we've been working on LunchMate version 1, we have already begun working on versions 2 & 3.

Here is our roadmap and list of the features that we are already working on, and planning for future versions

LunchMate Version 2

Estimated delivery date: 1st October 2017

  • LunchMate Interface improvements
  • LunchMate control panel improvements
  • Loyalty Scheme - An optional feature allowing sandwich bars to give 'Loyalty stamps' to their customers for each purchase.
  • Push Notifications - Order information will be displayed on the user's phone via push notification. The sandwich shop will also be able to send messages to their customers.
  • LunchMate Messenger - This will integrate with the Push Notifications so that users can view previous messages from sandwich bars.
  • LunchMate Dashboard - An app specialliy for the sandwich bar owner giving the ability to update menus, accept / reject orders etc. from his / her mobile phone.


LunchMate Version 2.1

Estimated delivery date: 1st November 2017

  • LunchMate Interface improvements and bug-fixes
  • Improvements to the LunchMate ordering processes
  • LunchMate Token system - Sandwich bars will be able to offer tokens to their customers for marketing purposes (For example, "The first 10 customers to share our Facebook page will receive a £3 token")


LunchMate Version 2.2

Estimated delivery date: 1st December 2017

  • LunchMate Interface improvements and bug-fixes
  • Improvements to the LunchMate food menus
  • Closer links with Social Media


LunchMate Version 3

Estimated delivery date: 1st February 2018

  • A complete re-write of LunchMate!
  • LunchPOS - an ePOS system specially designed for sandwich shops! This will work in conjunction with the LunchMate system and suite of tools.
  • Many more features!...



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