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Here is a list of all the features available in LunchMate.

This page is not designed to be a simple read - it is page to be referenced from other pages on the LunchMate website. But if you want to sit down with a cuppa and read through all the lovely features available in LunchMate, please be our guest!


Push notifications



LunchMate App Features

Pre-ordering icon

Feature - Cash free payments

Info about cash free payments go here...

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Feature - Instant confirmation

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Pre-order printing

An updated feature we added...

Pre-ordering icon

Feature - Pre-ordering

LunchMate was originally designed to reduce queues and make life simpler for you and your customers at any time - but especially during your busiest times.

As your customers begin to return to work after the lockdown, you can reduce those queues by encouraging them to pre-order their food using LunchMate. This will allow you to process more orders and comply with social distancing guidance at the same time. Additionally, because the payment is made in advance, all interaction is eliminated.

Managing queues

Feature - Time Slots

With the Time Slots feature now added, you can specify how many people can pick up an order within your chosen time period.

So, no need to turn people away at the door and no stressful queue management – simply let LunchMate automate and manage the process for you (plus a queue-busting and positive experience for your customers too).

How it works

All you have to do is specify in the LunchMate Control page how many Time Slots there are to be per hour, and the maximum number of customers who may pick up during each time slot. When customers place their orders, the system checks how many other customers have selected to pick up during the same period.

If too many customers select to pick up during the same period, the app will explain to the next customer that too many people are picking up at the same time, and it will offer the next time slot available.

Table ordering

Feature - Table Ordering

Wherever you are in the UK, lockdown is easing. England, Scotland and Ireland have already opened their doors for inside dining, with Wales due to follow from 3rd August. And while the nations have adopted their localised strategies for timings… the one thing they have in common is… table service.

And with our new Table Ordering feature, you can be up and running with a socially distanced table ordering service, virtually overnight.

Any food outlet that subscribes to this feature will receive a plaques containing QR codes. All the customer has to do is to scan the QR code with the LunchMate app

LunchMule Icon

Feature - LunchMule

Here's another 'queue-busting' feature from Lunchmate: Lunchmule!

Although LunchMate helps reduce queues with its pre-ordering features, you can sometimes end up with lots of customers waiting to pick up. With LunchMule, multiple customers within one office location can nominate one colleague to collect all of their food orders. This offers more help with maintaining social distancing on your premises and enables your customers to make more efficient use of their time during their lunch breaks.

Here's how it works:

  • Alice places her order using LunchMate - she receive order number 952
  • Bob, Carole and Dave place their LunchMate orders. However, at the order confirmation page they specify that Alice will pick up their orders.
  • Alice receives requests to become the LunchMule for her colleagues orders and she agrees.
  • You and your team receive all the orders, but can immediately see that they're to be grouped together for a single collection.
  • Alice picks up all four orders in a single collection: her own order 952, but also 952-a, 952-b and 952-c for Bob, Carole and Dave.

This process ensures that everyone placing an order is in agreement, that you and your team know these orders should be grouped together - ready for quick collection - and that there isn't any confusion. Having a single person pick up multiple orders means even fewer people entering your shop which, in turn, helps with social distancing.

We have just submitted the latest version of LunchMate to the App Stores. This new version includes the LunchMule feature.

LunchMate feature

Feature -

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LunchMate Dashboard Features

Delivery Icon

Delivery Features

To enable you to provide your own delivery service, you simply turn this feature on. Your customers can then choose from your menu, place their order, pay you and even track their delivery from the comfort of their home or office - all through the LunchMate App.

Of course, it's up to you whether you choose to make a charge for delivery, offer free delivery on orders over a specific value or on all orders.

Your customers will be able to store multiple delivery addresses, giving them the flexibility to specify delivery to their office, their home or any other appropriate address.

Quote Icon

Feature - Messaging

Through the LunchMate Control page, and the LunchMate app, you have a direct means of communication with your customers.

Messages are received on the customer's phone via 'Push Notifications' - this means that even if the customer does not have the app open, they will receive messages.

The customers can also see all the recent messages in a single place in the app.

Maybe you have created a new menu you want to promote? Or have a special offer? Or a competition? - You can send messages to all the customers who have your restaurant loaded via the LunchMate control page.

Not only that, but the customer receives automatic messages to let them know the stage of their order:

  • Order confirmation message - this is the first message the customer receives. It lets them know that the order has printed out in the food outlet.
  • Order processed - the restaurant manager can mark the food item as 'processed' (via the 'Order Display' program). This automatically sends a status update to the customer
  • Order on its way - for delivery. This message gives the customer the option to track the order on a map and know exactly when it's going to arrive.
  • Order delivered - this informs the app that the customer can no longer track the order.
  • Order rejected - maybe you have run out of a food item, but forgot to 'un-publish' the item in the via the control page? You are able to reject the order. This will send a message to the customer (the system will force you to write something in this situation), and the transaction will be automatically reversed.

There are a few other automatic messages that get sent out to customers - for example, when the customer has filled a full page of stamps in the LunchMate Loyalty scheme, they are informed about the rewards they have received.

LunchMate feature

Feature - Allergen Compliance

Allergen SupportFrom the 13th December 2014, it became mandatory under the EU Food Information to Consumers regulations that allergen information must be declared on all food items.

There are 14 listed allergens that must be indicated on the labelling of food. It is no longer acceptable to have a message stating "Some food products may contain nuts", nor having a separate board in the premises listing allergens.

LunchMate has full support for setting and displaying any of the 14 allergens for each item, and additions. So any customer who may have a reaction receives full warnings.

These allergens are displayed to the customer as coloured icons next to each food item. Tapping on the allergens gives more information about the allergens.


It's very easy to update the allergen information of all food items on the LunchMate Control page.

LunchMate Order Display Features

LunchMate feature

Feature - Label Printing

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LunchMate feature

Feature -

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LunchMate feature

Feature -

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LunchMate Control Panel Features

Feature - LunchMate Control Panel

In December 2019 we released a complete re-write of the control panel.

This new version looks a lot nicer plus it includes many more features for controlling and managing your LunchMate account.

LunchMate feature

Feature - Analytics

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LunchMate feature

Feature - Update your food menus - as often as you want!

There is a well known company who we won't mention who will allow you a perform only a small number of edits of your food items per month. After that, you pay for subsequent edits!

Through the LunchMate Control Panel, you can perform as many edits to your food items, as often as you want.


Set food item details
LunchMate feature

Feature - Meal Deals

LunchMate MealDealsIn LunchMate Version 3.5 we introduced the 'LunchMate Meal Deals' feature.

A typical example of a Meal Deal is

  • 1 sandwich,
  • 1 snack,
  • and 1 drink

- all for a reduced price.

Customers can quickly see which food items are part of a meal deal (by a coloured 'M' icon).

LunchMate automatically updates the order price when Meal Deal criteria is met.

It is possible to change the details of Meal Deals, and which items are included via the LunchMate Control page. It is even possible to have multiple Meal Deals! - The image here shows one item being part of two Meal Deals (one shown as a cyan icon, and one as a red icon)


Delivery Icon

Feature - Office Delivery

Another type of delivery you can make use of - Office Delivery. Let your customers know that you can deliver direct to their desk! All they need to do is specify the location of their office/desk.

This feature can be really useful for office canteens who want to avoid congregations of staff picking up their orders all at the same time. Restaurant staff simply take the orders upstairs to the workers desks at the requested times.

Obviously, this feature is ideal for van deliveries and sandwich shops who offer delivery services - they just need to make sure they have permission to enter the appropriate offices. Then they declare those offices via the LunchMate Control site.

Pre-ordering icon

Feature - LunchMate Dashboard

This is a separate app designed specifically for you, your in-store and delivery teams. When used on a smart phone, it allows you to manage your orders, respond to your customers when they place an order and it provides tracking information for them (and you). It also allows you to turn on and off food items, as required, display marketing vouchers (see below) and you can use it to send messages to your customers.

When used on a tablet, in addition to the above, you can see all orders placed through the LunchMate App, track their progress and update your customers when their order's ready. You can also use it to print labels for completed orders, showing the order number and any appropriate allergen information.

LunchMate Vouchers

Feature - LunchMate Marketing Vouchers

You can generate marketing vouchers, consisting of a unique 5-digit code that can be used as is or as a QR code, making it easier for your customers to use. These can then be used in all kinds of marketing promotions. Marketing Vouchers can be posted on social media and used in a variety of different ways. You simply specify your offer, set any limits you wish regarding the number of vouchers available (each customer can only scan it once), therefore limiting the number of people that can use it.

LunchMate Loyalty Scheme

Feature - LunchMate Loyalty Scheme

Info about loyalty scheme here....

Managing queues

Feature - Lead Time and Order Windows

Through the control page, you are able to manage the lead time you require when orders are placed and apply restrictions as to when orders can be placed, ensuring you have sufficient time to prepare the orders you receive. Should a customer try to place their order outside of this window, the app lets them know that they are placing an “Order for tomorrow”.

LunchMate Version History

LunchMate Version 3.4

Release date: 1st February 2019

LunchMate Version 3.3

Release date: 1st February 2019

LunchMate Version 3.2

Release date: 1st February 2019

LunchMate Version 3.1

Release date: 1st February 2019

LunchMate Version 3

Release date: 1st February 2018

  • A complete re-write of LunchMate!
  • LunchPOS - an ePOS system specially designed for sandwich shops! This will work in conjunction with the LunchMate system and suite of tools.
  • Many more features!...


LunchMate Version 2.2

Release date: 1st December 2017

  • LunchMate Interface improvements and bug-fixes
  • Improvements to the LunchMate food menus
  • Closer links with Social Media

LunchMate Version 2.1

Release date: 1st November 2017

  • LunchMate Interface improvements and bug-fixes
  • Improvements to the LunchMate ordering processes
  • LunchMate Token system - Sandwich bars will be able to offer tokens to their customers for marketing purposes (For example, "The first 10 customers to share our Facebook page will receive a £3 token")

LunchMate Version 2

Release date: 1st October 2017

  • LunchMate Interface improvements
  • LunchMate control panel improvements
  • Loyalty Scheme - An optional feature allowing sandwich bars to give 'Loyalty stamps' to their customers for each purchase.
  • Push Notifications - Order information will be displayed on the user's phone via push notification. The sandwich shop will also be able to send messages to their customers.
  • LunchMate Messenger - This will integrate with the Push Notifications so that users can view previous messages from sandwich bars.
  • LunchMate Dashboard - An app specially for the sandwich bar owner giving the ability to update menus, accept / reject orders etc. from his / her mobile phone.


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