Managing Queues With Time Slots

LunchMate can help you with managing queues with the new Time Slots feature. The restaurant specifies how many people can pick up an order within your chosen time period.

So, no need to turn people away at the door and no stressful queue management – simply let LunchMate automate and manage the process for you (plus a queue-busting and positive experience for your customers too).

How it works

When a customer places a food order for your restaurant, they will select a preferred time when they will pick up their food order. For example, ASAP, at 1:30pm, or even a time within a future date. LunchMate will first check how many food orders have already requested for the desired pickup time. If the total is greater than or equal to the number specified by the restaurant in their time slot settings, the app will off the customer the next available time slot, or allow them to specify an completely different time altogether.


Managing queues with LunchMate

We’ve tried to keep the time slot setting feature as simple as possible. In the “Timings” section of the LunchMate Control site, all you have to do is first specify that you want to use Time-Slots, then set how many Time Slots there are to be per hour, and the maximum number of customers who may pick up during each time slot.

  • When customers place their orders, the system checks how many other customers have selected to pick up during the same period.
  • If too many customers select to pick up during the same period, the app will explain to the next customer that too many people are picking up at the same time, and it will offer the next time slot available.

Managing queues with the LunchMate ‘Time Slots’ feature is a very effective way to help you comply with Social Distancing requirements.


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