Allergen Compliance

From the 13th December 2014, the EU Food Information to Consumers regulations became mandatory. As a result, allergen information must now be declared on all food items.

There are 14 listed allergens that must be indicated on the labelling of food. It is no longer acceptable to have a message stating "Some food products may contain nuts", nor can you display a notice listing allergens.

LunchMate supports you in setting and displaying any of the 14 allergens for each item, and additional items they customer may choose. So any customer who may have a reaction receives full warnings.

These allergens are displayed to the customer as coloured icons next to each food item. Tapping on the allergens gives more information about the allergens.

It's very easy to update the allergen information of all food items on the LunchMate Control page.

For each item, select the "Allergens" button, and then simply tick the appropriate allergens. These allergens will appear as icons on the LunchMate app.

This feature is also available on the additions that you add to each food item.

To find out more about your legal requirements for allergens, view FSA article Allergen guidance for food businesses

Post Ammendment - 18th November 2019

Natasha’s Law

From 1st October 2021, under the UK Food Information Amendment (Natasha’s Law), food businesses will be required to display full ingredient lists, with allergenic ingredients emphasised on pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS) foods. 

More information here -> Natasha's legacy becomes law

We are working on updates to the LunchMate system to allow for further allergen / ingredient features.

Watch this Space! 

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