Be the hero of your office by picking up everyone else's food orders!

Here's another 'queue-busting' feature from Lunchmate - Lunchmule!

Although LunchMate helps reduce queues with its pre-ordering features, you can sometimes end up with lots of customers waiting to pick up their food orders all at the same time. With LunchMule, multiple customers within one office location can nominate one colleague to collect all of their food orders. This offers more help with maintaining social distancing on your premises. It also enables your customers to make more efficient use of their time during their lunch breaks.


Here's how it works:

  • Alice places her order using LunchMate - she receive order number 952
  • Bob, Carole and Dave all place their LunchMate orders. However, at the order confirmation page they specify that Alice will pick up their orders - by selecting the LunchMule option, and entering Alice's order number 952
  • Alice will immediately receive requests to become the LunchMule for her colleague's orders and she can agree or decline.
  • Assuming she agrees to become the LunchMule for all these orders, she will pick up the additional food orders when she picks up her own order.
  • Each person will pay for their own food orders
  • You and the team in your restaurant receive all the orders, but can immediately see that they are to be grouped together for a single collection the same order number, but is followed with a  letter
  • Alice picks up all four orders in a single collection - her own order 952, but also orders 952-a, 952-b and 952-c for Bob, Carole and Dave

The LunchMule process ensures that:

  • Everyone placing an order is in agreement to have a single person picking up other people's orders
  • You and your team know these orders should be grouped together ready for quick collection, so there isn't any confusion.

Having a single person pick up multiple orders means fewer people entering your shop. This helps you to process more orders and comply with social distancing.


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