LunchMate Loyalty Scheme

As a restaurant owner, you want to reward your loyal customers and encourage repeat business from them. What better way than with a simple Loyalty Scheme!

You've probably experienced the traditional card-based loyalty schemes - a businesses gives a printed card to their customers. Then each time the customer make a repeat purchase, they get a stamp on their card.

The LunchMate Loyalty Scheme replicates this method, but you save time and money because you don't need to get cards printed. Also, we've made it really easy to set up - in 3 steps!

  • 1 In the LunchMate Control Panel tick the box "Use Loyalty" - The Loyalty button will appear on the home page for your restaurant.
  • 2 Specify how much the customer must spend to get a stamp. You don't want customers to get a loyalty stamp for simply buying a bread roll. Setting a minimum spend amount will ensure customers will only get a stamp if they spend over the amount you specify.
  • 3 Set the reward - Once a customer completes a full 'card' of stamps, what will they receive as a reward?
  • Your customers reap the reward! You retain more customers, and get more repeat custom!

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Customer automatically receives a message when they fill the the LunchMate virtual loyalty card.

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