LunchMate Control Panel

The LunchMate Control Panel gives you full control of your LunchMate account. It allows you to:

With the LunchMate Control Panel, you can make as many changes as you want, as often as you want.

The Control Panel also gives you access to useful data about your customer's spending habits, your most popular items and your busiest time periods.

Control multiple restaurants

A lot of chains / contract caterers have multiple restaurants and sites. The control panel gives you full control of each of the restaurants that have been assigned to your profile.

See at a glance if any go 'Off-line' (?), how many subscribers each has, and how many orders have been placed today.

Then drill-down into each restaurant to get / set all the details and features described on this page.


Get an idea of how your LunchMate account is performing via graphs and charts showing your most popular items, order history, busy periods, and customer spending habits etc.

Define how your restaurant looks on the LunchMate app

When a customer loads your restaurant into the LunchMate app, your logo and colour scheme will be loaded along with your food menus.

We will initially set this up for you, but you can make adjustments at any time.

View all your recent transactions

In the LunchMate Control Panel "Accounts" section, you can view all the recent transactions that have gone through the system (since your last statement).

You can also view all the previous statements (which get e-mailed to you regularly), and you can even update your banking details if you change banks at any time.

Update your food menus - as often as you want!

I was recently shocked when I heard about a well known company who we 'Just' won't mention, who will allow you a perform only a small number of edits of your food items per month. After that, you must pay for subsequent edits! Wow! - that is terrible!

You'd never get that with us - Through the LunchMate Control Panel, you can perform as many edits to your food items, as often as you want.

Not only can you edit the details, price, additions etc. you can set items to be on special offer, define the allergens, create Meal Deals, include in the Loyalty scheme, plus many other features.

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